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Sometimes it seems that life takes its own course and seemingly unconnected things become a definitive path leading you to your ultimate destiny. Rosario E. Magno, President and founder of Rodem International, Rosario E. Magno International Staffing, Inc., and Rosario E. Magno International Staffing Las Vegas never imagined that she would one day a lead a Global Staffing Agency.

R.E.M. has seen her company expand from accidentally starting as a head hunter and transforming into a multi-functioning Staffing Agency. Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc. has more than 40 employees nationwide and continues to grow. Since, 1986, when it opened for business, Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc. has recruited, placed, staffed and sponsored more than 2,000 employees of varied professions, nationally and internationally.

R.E.M.’s formula of enriching and empowering lives is to deliver on the promise of the “American Dream Program”, where immigrants can go for consultation, legal matter advice, and are provided with the opportunity to work in order to support and raise their family. Since then, not much has changed but has only continued to reinforce the policy “To help”: to help each and every applicant as much as she possible, in order for them to live a better life. Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc. continues to provide these active driven applicants, addition opportunities. R.E.M. has focused on other job opportunities not only for the medical profession but where needed. Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc., continues to stand because of it’s adaptability to change. As times change and demands in the workforce alter, Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc. does not fall from the challenge but creatively look at it as an opportunity. This mind set and attitude is what makes them. It has yet to break them. Over 20 years going strong, why stop now.


R.E.M.’s success comes from her previous experience, in business and management form her family businesses, the Estate of Heirs of Don Elidio M Enriquez which has added a critical component to the foundation.

R.E.M graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from MAPUA Institute of Technology, and earned a Degree of Master of Business Administration from LYCEUM, Philippines’ prestigious Colleges. R.E.M.’s education and her experience in her family businesses has compelled her to pursue her passion to help.

R.E.M.’s attributes and values have made Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc. one for the surviving Staffing Agency during the National Economic Crisis and is respected as a Minority Owned Small Business. R.E.M. made Rosario E. Magno Int’l Staffing, Inc. a registered, licensed and bonded Agency in Placement and Staffing for Permanent and Temporary professional service. She risked her short-term profits and invested in the long-term growth of the company. She believes the results of her decision has only one claim for its existence; and this is to fulfill the need to help and recognize a higher level of proficiency as professionals.

All of this did not happen overnight. R.E.M. took the path less traveled, one of service and sacrifice. Her hard work and dedication have paid off by allowing her to arrive at her destiny of empowering others to experience other success and blessings that life has given her.


Established in 1986, Hackensack, NJ, RODEM INTERNATIONAL, INC. is a Recruitment, Employment and Placement Agency servicing the local and international market. It provides a wide range of services and recruits from temporary and permanent staff. It’s expertise covers foreign professionals of all kinds: office staff, educator, medical and nursing personnel, computer, laboratory, hotel, restaurant and factory personnel, just to name a few. This is primarily due to the company’s knowledge in U.S. Immigration Rules and Regulations, enabling the company to recruit internationally and allowing them to become one of the top expert recruiter of nurses and other professionals from the Philippines, China, and India.

The company bears the RODEM name because it comes from the first syllable of the Founder and President’s name Rosario and her husband’s name, Demetrio, combined. The company started consulting and assisting Filipinos who have just arrived in America to stay legally by finding them jobs. In its early years, the company was not profitable. The consulting and placement fees were decreased for most instances because the owner saw the company as more charitable than profitable. However, she believed the commitment and dedication of helping others would inevitably payoff. Over 20 years later, RODEM INTERNATIONAL, recruited and matched hundreds of qualified professionals to fill the those demands in different Institutions, Medical facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels and Corporations.

In 2001, RODEM INTERNATIONAL, INC. formed a subsidiary corporation called ROSARIO E. MAGNO INTERNATIONAL STAFFING, INC. It was at this time the company relocated to Jersey City, NJ to provide Healthcare Personnel to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, and Retirement Home to accommodate the needs of sister company, RODEM INTERNATIONAL, INC., clients. Where RODEM INTERNATIONAL, INC., specializes in recruiting and placement. ROSARIO E. MAGNO INTERNATIONAL, INC. provided the staffing for nurses in the Healthcare Industry which soon after expanded to other professions and industries.

Due to the demand for nurses, especially in growing cities, and the success of the operation in New Jersey and New York, the company used it as an opportunity to branch out to Las Vegas, NV. In 2004, the Las Vegas, NV brand opened.

As the company track record of fulfilling the demands of the facilities, ROSARIO E. MAGNO INTERNATIONAL STAFFING, INC. felt it was time to focus on the individual needs. Aside from the traditional Home Health Care service, in 2015, the company introduced a new specializing segment to their services, offering NANNY SERVICES, BABY NURSE SERVICES and RECOVERY CARE and have expanded a Career Opportunity to those interested in pursuing a certification in Home Health Industry.

Despite the company’s growth, Rosario Magno maintained a “hands-on” philosophy for the two locations. This is attributed to the company’s recognition of commitment to service, Immigration Specialization, understanding the growing needs and evolving to them, gave them an advantage over the competitors.